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EnsurEscape, Emergency Storm Release Fasteners

What is EnsurEscape?

An ESCAPE and RESCUE Fastener that allows a trapped person or family, to easily ESCAPE or be RESCUED out of a structure covered with storm panels.

Features and Design

EnsurEscape retrofits to your existing hardware or new installation quickly and easily.

  • Ergonomic Handle Design
  • Easily adapts to all storm panels
  • Convenient, reliable and rugged
  • Eliminates the risk, provides peace of mind
  • Answers the Emergency Egress problem
  • Allows Easy Installation Removal
  • Allows you to leave your storm panels up as long as you want without the risk
  • Simple 1-2 installation

Why is EnsurEscape Needed?

Each Hurricane season Storm Panels are installed for protection. While your protected from a Hurricane, there is an increased risk of being trapped should a fire occur. EnsurEscape was designed to eliminate this risk and allow quick and easy escape and rescue.

  1. Simply install EnsurEscape onto your existing storm panel mounting hardware.
  2. Install your storm panels onto EnsurEscape Fasteners. That's it!

Your now ready for an emergency. Escape quick, simply move the release handles to the side and the quick release studs and storm panels are instantly released. Allowing you and your family to escape.

Rescue personnel can instantly remove your storm panels to rescue your family by removing the quick release retainers.

Approved for use in EVERY COUNTY in the State of Florida
Including Dade County and Pinellas County

Designed and tested in accordance with the Florida Building Code for use within and outside the High Velocity Hurricane Zone, per TAS 201 /202/203 standards. FBC APPROVAL FL#9009.

  • Uniform static structural performance tested per TAS 202
  • Large Missile Impact Resistance and Cyclic Loading performance tested per TAS 201 & 203
  • Tensile and Shear capacities tested per ASTM E488-96

EnsurEscape product line consists 0 of 3 models that handle the various Mounting Methods shown below.

HURRICANE - Storm Panel Release Fasteners

  • When activated, shutters are released!
  • Creat an exit from a window, sliding door or inward opened door!
  • Answers the emergency egress problem!
  • Allows for easy Escape and Rescue!
  • Allows storm panels to be left up without the risk!
  • Installs easily into existing F-Channel mounting hardware, Studded Angle Brackets, Panelmate studs, Truss Screws and Anchors or new construction with Tapcon Screws.