Case Studies

What EnsurEscape Is

One of CMC’s case studies, EnsurEscape is an escape-and-rescue fastener that allows a trapped person or family to quickly escape or be rescued from a structure covered with storm panels.

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Features and Design

EnsurEscape retrofits to your existing hardware or new installation quickly and easily. Its design and features include:

EnsurEscape Can

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Why EnsurEscape Is Needed

Each hurricane season, storm panels are installed for protection. While you are protected from a hurricane, there is an increased risk of being trapped should a fire occur. EnsurEscape was designed to eliminate this risk, allowing quicker and easier escape and rescue.

How to Use

Install EnsurEscape onto your existing storm panel-mounting hardware. Then, install your storm panels onto the EnsurEscape Fasteners. That’s it. You’re now ready for any emergency.

To escape quickly, move the release handles to the side, and the quick-release studs and storm panels are instantly released.

The rescue personnel can instantly remove your storm panels to get you and your family out by removing the quick-release retainers.

The EnsurEscape product line consists of 3 models that handle various mounting methods. Please contact us to learn more.